• Special Olympics Forsyth
    1120 Dahlonega Hwy
    Cumming, GA 30040

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Our Vision

To establish year round sporting and leisure activities for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities who live in Forsyth County and the surrounding areas.


  1. Individuals with developmental and/or cognitive disabilities need more opportunities to participate in a variety of leisure and sporting activities.
  2. The earlier a child gets involved with sports and a healthy life style, the more likely s/he will continue his/her involvement later as an adult.
  3. Special Olympics and sporting/leisure activities are vital to the success of a young person’s transition to adulthood as it can positively enhance one’s independence and productivity, social skills, health, and self-worth.
  4. Special Olympics will increase community awareness about individuals with developmental disabilities resulting in an inclusive community that encourages independence, productivity and accessibility.
  5. Athletes that get involved in leisure and sporting activities will yield positive and rewarding experiences for the individual, his/her family and the community.
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